Legends tell of an ominous village hidden in deep forests, surrounded by magic and wonder and all sorts of fantastic secrets. But a terrible curse weighs on the village and its residents.
If two pure souls don't find true love every 8 years , unstoppable evil awakens and attacks the villagers again and again in the secular form of HYDRA for 7 nights.

Because their hunger is endless and their greed is merciless! And like withered leaves in an autumn storm, hope decays with every day that passes without love...

On the 23rd day of the fifth month, the earth trembles as the blood-red full moon towers high in the starry sky and the wind whispers through the old, mighty trees of the enchanted witch's forest. The stormy air, electric and crackling, is filled with fear and terror. The harbingers of the coming horror suggest that this cycle is also coming to a dark end.

Glowing eyes pierce the darkness. Razor-sharp claws cut through the silence of the night.
has awakened!

On nightly raids, the dragon-like creature devours everything and everyone that moves and gets in its way. However, she prefers to eat juicy ones
Heroes as a midnight snack and scared little children as dessert.

She can never keep her claws off glittery things like gold and silver . Heaps of treasure lie hidden in caves in the swamp, just waiting to be discovered and plundered by brave adventurers.

Brave warriors and wizards from all over the world have always tried to defeat the beast -
Rarely did anyone return!

It is said that those who failed are still held captive
- lined up on poles, cursed and eternally waiting for fate to give them a better destiny...

But what is that? A small group of brave and fearless defenders heroically band together to face the monster night after night.
Packed with powerful spells and legendary weapons , they attempt to put an end to the beast.
Their hopes are euphorically great - their chances are vanishingly small.
Because not every defender has the same noble intentions. Some people are only after gold and silver. Other scoundrels, on the other hand, play with the wrong cards or are even captivated by the monster and fight on the dark side from then on!

We have to find out who that is. Watch your supposed allies' every step, or you'll be heading straight to ruin.

Are you the chosen ones to break the curse and end the endless cycle? Or has fate only intended the stake for you too?

May the mighty gods be with you...

Good luck you heroes!