Dive in...

into the fantastic world of HYDRA and find out more about the story behind the game.

HYDRA is the eponymous playing card and therefore the most powerful card in the game!

Thanks to their support, you will be able to surprise your opponents, turn the game in your favor and ultimately achieve a well-deserved triumph.

But don't play the card too early... other powerful cards are lurking in secret.

PEGASUS is another powerful card with multiple faces. She has two different abilities:

  • It allows you to imitate another card and play powerful combinations or

  • You play PEGASUS as a single card, bringing the card's full power to life.

Choose wisely to surprise your opponents and win the game!

The COMPANION gives the game its tension and adds a touch of thrill . All the sophistication and strategic depth unfolds with this playing card.

Once it's in your hands, you become the attacker's silent companion , while the other players remain in the dark and remain convinced that you are on their side.

It requires tactical skill and sensitivity . Keep your secret for as long as possible and secure a brilliant victory together!

With the STORM you intervene in the natural laws of HYDRA and determine when the ranking of the cards should change.

The lowest value cards suddenly become the highest ranked and vice versa. But don't wait too long and play the card at the right moment, otherwise everything is lost.

The WITCH brings some life into the place. If the card is played, all players are subjected to a powerful spell and must pass a card face down to another player.

Played at the right moment and passed on the right card, the witch can decide whether she wins or loses .

With this card you intervene in the space-time continuum of HYDRA and turn back time a little. The TIME LEAP can also be played at any time .

The last player to play may play a card or a combination again.

Then it's back to the future !

The TRICKSTER also knows no order and rarely follows the rules.

Like the TIME SKIP, the card can be played at any time and, when played at the right moment, can ward off powerful attacks or strengthen those of lesser power.